Customer protection principles

The Company aims by approaching this topic, to protect the clients from inadequate provision of services, incorrect information about products, interest rate, unethical behavior of the Company’s employees, as well as violation of the client's privacy and data security.

The employees of the Company are obliged to provide services to all potential and current clients, legal entities and private individuals registered/citizens of Republic of Moldova, without any prejudices and discrimination on whatever basis.

The Company will operate in a socially responsible manner, constantly striving to improve and develop the quality of the products, with particular emphasis on:

  • Prevention of clients' over indebtedness;
  • Responsible attitude towards the community;
  • Compliance with environmental standards and similar.

"Total Leasing & Finance" employees are obliged to ensure the confidentiality of all information regarding the projects, and will not present them to third parties without client's consent, except if revealing of such information is mandatory by the Law.

The clients will be informed about their rights and duties arising from the leasing/loan contract, emphasizing the following:

  • Approved loan / lease amount;
  • Loan / lease repayment schedule;
  • Interest rate (nominal and effective interest rate);
  • Management fee/disbursement fee and early repayment fee;
  • Type of guarantees;
  • Grace period;
  • Purpose of loan/lease and consequences of non-compliance with contractual obligations.

Complaints and suggestions

"Total Leasing & Finance" enables clients and guarantors to express their opinion regarding the services provided by the company, as following:

  • Proposals;
  • Assessment of the profesionalism level of the employees;
  • Financing products and other topics.

Suggestions, proposals or complaints can be sent:

  • Mail to the address: "Total Leasing & Finance", 45/B, Puskin Street, 2nd floor, Chișinău, “To the Director”;
  • E-mail:;
  • Box for complaints and suggestions (at the Company’s premises);
  • Phone number: +373 22 25 30 50, daily Monday-Friday, from 09:00 to 18:00;
  • "Total Leasing & Finance" will reply to your complaint/suggestion in written form/email within14 days from the submission.

The institution that insures the consumer protection:

“The Agency for Clients’ protection”

Address: 28, E. Coca Str, 3, office 12, MD-2064, Chisinau
Tel: 74-14-64
Green line: 080028028 (free call)

The examination of the complaint is made based on the receipt or other document which confirms the acquisition of the product/service.