Business Clients

Lease-back is a valuable tool used to unlock access to cash if your company wants to strengthen or develop business without blocking cash-flow.

This financing product is a fast way to obtain funding through the sale to I.C.S. O.C.N. "Total Leasing & Finance" S.A. with firm option to repurchase at the end of financial leasing, vehicles, equipment (new or second hand) initially sold. This system allows the lessor immediate liquidity increase and continued use of the asset.

The assets accepted for the lease back transactions are the ones complying with the rules:

  • Equipment / machines: maximum 24 months old (manufacturing year);
  • Vehicles: maximum 36 months old (manufacturing year);
Standard Financing Conditions
Asset Type Term Minimum Down Payment Annual Interest Rate Management fee Insurance
New Vehicle / Equipment 12 - 36 months 30% 11.5% - 12.9% in Euro/USD 2% (CASCO) Insurance, by approved insurers.
Second Hand Vehicle / Equipment 12 - 24 months 40% 12.5% - 13.5% in Euro/USD


  • Increased liquidity through sale and lease back transaction;
  • Monthly repayment schedule adjusted to your payment capacity;
  • Monthly deduction of VAT on the purchase;
  • Rapid assessment of your leasing application;
  • No fees for analysis or contract management;
  • Early repayment option;
  • Best insurance option;
  • Objective advice provided by the employees.