Dear customers,

In the context of the crisis caused by COVID-19 and the current difficult and uncertain situation, ICS OCN Total Leasing & Finance SA is with its clients and employees.

Thus, in order to support its clients for the emergency period, ICS OCN Total Leasing & Finance SA informs about the following measures to be taken:

1. Payment of the leasing/credit rates

  • Starting with 17.03.2020, all payments and receipts (in cash) were suspended in the ICS OCN Total Leasing & Finance SA office.
  • We ask and encourage customers, who have the possibility to pay the leasing / credit rates to use the remote payment method through commercial banks.
  • You can obtain the payment account by calling the phone number 079513067, or at the e-mail address:

2. Postponement of payments.

  • Clients who are transiently affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and who will directly request support measures, we can apply the deferral of payments up to 2 months. The duration of the lease / credit agreement will be extended accordingly, to maintain the same level of monthly rates. Customers who need to use this option are asked to send a reasoned request for this purpose to the email address
  • For the exceptional period, the customers will be exempted from paying the commission for modifying the payment schedule.

3. Cancellation of penalties for outstanding leasing / credit rates and credit history.

  • For clients who on 17.03.2020 have no delays in leasing / credit rates, but who are not able to pay the leasing / credit rates for any reason, and do not wish to postpone the installments, the penalties for the delay will be canceled for the period 17.03.2020-17.05.2020, if these delays will not exceed 20 days.
  • The delay days for this period will be canceled and will not be reported to the Credit History Bureau, given the state of emergency, instituted until 15.05.2020.

4. We keep interest rates unchanged during the current period.

We thank you for your trust in becoming a customer of the Company and we assure you of our high consideration and willingness to continue our fruitful collaboration.