Frequently Asked Questions

What documents are needed in order to drive a leased vehicle in Moldova and abroad?

In order to drive a leased vehicle in Moldova and abroad, you need the car registration passport (plastic made) and a special form issued by the Company after submitting a request at our office or sent by fax at no.: 022/ 24-46-96. This special form is strictly monitored, available for 30 days; in order to receive another form, you will have to hand over the Company the previous one without any current payment delays.

The application, stamped and signed by the authorized person must include:

  • Client’s name (according to the leasing agreement) / name of the person who will drive the vehicle;
  • Number of the Leasing Contract;
  • Car registration number;
  • Availability of the form;
  • Contact information.

For any questions regarding this matter, please contact:

Office Manager, tel: 022/25-30-50
Logistics Manager, tel: 022/25-30-50.

What should I do in case of an accident?

In the event of an accident, you must immediately notify the police, the broker and the insurance company that insured the car / vehicle, the latter collecting the whole set of documents required for granting your compensation.

Why did I receive the payment notification?

Receive of the notification is the effect of not receiving on the Company’s bank account until the issuance date of the notification, of the amounts due according to the leasing/loan agreement.

Which is the payment due date?

Last available payment day is the one mentioned in the repayment schedule; if the repayment date is due on a holiday/weekend, the due date will be set on the last working day until the due date of payment.

When do I have to pay penalties and how are they calculated?

Penalties are calculated for delays in repayment on time the installments, by applying a percentage (0.25%) to the outstanding amount per day of delay, for the whole period of time (starting with the due date until the actual receipt of the amount on the Company’s account).

What do I have to do when the leasing contract expires?

Upon expiration of the leasing contract, you must send a request for the asset re-registration on your behalf (fax: 022/24 46 96) or present it at the Company’s office; you will be contacted later on for agreeing to re-registration date (within 5 days of the request).

Can we transfer the leasing contract to another person?

Yes, we can assign the leasing contract to another person but only with the consent "Total Leasing & Finance" consent. The transferee must submit for analysis the same set of documents that the transferor has submitted to request funding. If the transferee meets the criteria for evaluation, the transfer of the contract will be accepted after the payment of the management fee by the new client.