Necessary Documents

Business Clients

Necessary documents to support the lease application:

  • Application form;
  • Copy of the Company Registration Certificate;
  • Legal documents of the company with all modifications (charter of the company, declaration of incorporation, fiscal code certificate);
  • VAT Certificate;
  • Activity license – where the activity needs a license;
  • Excerpt from „State Register of Enterprises and Organizations” (full form with the capital size, name of the director, name of the shareholders and structure of their shares) issued up to one month;
  • Copy of the identification card and annex – of the director, shareholders and empowered person to sign de contract;
  • Resolution of the general assembly of the shareholders regarding the purchase of the leased asset / loan application, and designation of the empowered person to sign the leasing / loan agreement and documents in connection with the financing;
  • Balance Sheet for the previous year and for the last 6 months of the current year;
  • Turnover balance sheet for the last quarter:
    • accounts 221, 521;
    • accounts 121-123;
    • accounts 511-513, 411-413;
  • Copies of the repyament schedules of the outstanding loan contracts.


  • All documents will be presented in orginal;
  • There will not be accepted partial, damaged, deleted or unclear copies;
  • Where appropriate, to finalize the analysis, the Company may request other documents in order to clarify the situation.
  • The Company has the right to reject the application if it is found that the documents submitted by the customer are incomplete, or the data presented are untrue or the documents are false.
  • Other documents (ex: Certificate issued by the Fiscal Authorities regarding the lack of debts).