Business Clients

Aiming to establish long term partnerships with its customers, "Total Leasing & Finance" supports your business by offering complex financing products, and thus you can achieve you planned investments by using the loans provided by the Company. We consider eligible the following investment projects:

  • Purchase of buildings and / or construction / renovation;
  • Purchase of different equipment / machines (agricultural, production, processing, packing etc);
  • Purchase and / or improvement of land;
  • Purchase of commercial vehicles (from Moldova or abroad);
  • Working capital.
Standard Financing Conditions
Purpose of the financing Term Client’s contribution Annual Interest Rate Disbursement Fee Guarantees
Acquisition of fixed assets 12 - 60 months Individual 17% - 19% in MDL
11.5% - 13.5% in Euro/USD
2% Pledge on movable, real estate. Surety
Acquisition of working capital 12 - 24 months


  • Financing project tailored to your specific activity, seasonality and type of financed asset;
  • Monthly repayment schedule adjusted to your payment capacity;
  • Fiscal benefits by using loan as a form as financing (return of the VAT for the purchase, subsidies, return of the interest expenses);
  • Flexible structure of guarantees;
  • Rapid assessment of your leasing application;
  • No fees for analysis or contract management;
  • Early repayment option;
  • Best insurance option;
  • Objective advice provided by the employees.