Required Documents


Necessary documents to support the lease application.

Necessary documents at the initial stage:

  • Leasing application;
  • Identification Card and Annexes for the applicant (and copy);
  • Certificate of employment issued by the main employer, indicating the position held and net monthly salary for the last 12 months;
  • Emplyment record book / Labour contract (copy);
  • Wife / husband agremend to purchase the car through leasing.

Additional documents that may be required:

  • Proving documents for other income sources (rent, services);
  • Bank certificate proving the existance of term deposit accounts and bank turnover;
  • Wife / husband Certificate of employment indicating the position and monthly salary for the last 12 months.


  • All documents will be presented in orginal;
  • There will not be accepted partial copies, damages, deleted or unclear;
  • Where appropriate, to finalize the analysis, the Company may request other documents in order to clarify the situation;
  • The Company has the right to reject the application if it is found that the documents submitted by the customer are incomplete, or the data presented are untrue or the documents are false.