Advantages of Leasing

A new possibility to expand your activity and to increase the profitability!

You can choose leasing because:

  • o You have the freedom to choose the asset you need in your activity, to negotiate the aquisition price and delivery terms; the purchase can be made from the Moldovan dealers/approved partners or from abroad;
  • You will have additional income from day one of using the asset;
  • Fast funding decision based on a minimum list of required documents;
  • Transfer of funds to the dealer/seller on the delivery day;
  • Repayment schedule tailored to your specific activity and business seasonality;
  • VAT – structured with the leasing installments, deductible;
  • Best insurance options;
  • Leasing contracts do not interfere with credit lines/credit commitments to other financial institutions – these are just some of the benefits we offer to our clients.