Application procedure

Steps to take for you application approval

  • You choose independently the asset (and the dealer) to be subject of the leasing contract.
  • Request for a leasing offer – The “Total Leasing & Finance” sales team will present you in the shortest time, Company’s leasing offer.
  • Go through the offer – the offer will be adjusted to you needs and requests.
  • Preparation of the leasing file –. The “Total Leasing & Finance” sales manager will collect all necessary documents for lease approval.
  • The file analysis – The “Total Leasing & Finance” experts will evaluate the file and announce their decision related to your leasing eligibility.
  • Signing the contract – The leasing contract will be signed by parties involved (Client – “Total Leasing & Finance” - Supplier) that commonly agree with all contractual terms.
  • Transfer of down payment and management fees - Down payment and management fees are paid to “Total Leasing & Finance”.
  • “Total Leasing & Finance” pays the acquisition price of the asset to the Supplier and closes the insurance contract.
  • Preparation of the insurance contract for the purchased asset.
  • Reception of the asset from the Supplier – You will take the asset from the Supplier on the date stipulated in the contract, signing a handover act.
  • Monthly repayment of the installments – based on the leasing contract, you will pay every month the installments according to the repayment schedule.