Vehicle Leasing

Business Clients

“Total Leasing & Finance” offers a fast financing product for any new or second hand vehicle needed for your activity, provided by an authorized dealer or established partner.

You can choose from the dealer the vehicle you want, and the sales team will prepare the leasing proposal, offering you the possibility to choose the best option, with customized financing conditions.

The Company offers you the possibility to purchase through leasing the following vehicles (new and second-hand):

  • Passenger Cars
  • Commericial vehicles
  • Buses
  • Trailers, semi trailers, trucks
  • Specific vehicles
Standard Financing Conditions
Vehicle Type Term Minimum Down Payment Annual interest Rate Management fee Insurance
New Vehicle 12 - 60 months 20%-40% 11.5%-12.9% in Euro/USD 2% CASCO, by approved insurers.
Second Hand Vehicle 12 - 24 months 30%-40% 12.5%-13.5% in Euro/USD
The age of the car plus the lease term should not exceed 7 years.


  • Rapid assessment of your leasing application;
  • No fees for analysis or contract management;
  • Early repayment option;
  • Best insurance option;
  • Objective advice provided by the employees. You will be able to choose on your own the vehicle you want, with the tehnical and financial support of the Company;
  • You can choose the optimal currency for your leasing contract.