Vehicle Leasing


I.C.S. "Total Leasing & Finance" S.A. offers individuals the possibility to purchase new or second hand vehicles via financial leasing, ensuring fast and advantageous financing conditions.

The beneficiaries of the product are individuals, resident of the RM, with a stable source of income.

Standard Financing terms
Currency EUR
Financed assets New and second hand vehicles
Term From 12 up to 48 months* for new vehicles
From 12 up to 36 months* for second hand vehicles
Nominal Interest rate** 9.9%- 12.9%* annually for new vehicles
10.9% - 13.5% * annually for second hand vehicles
Up-front fee 2%-2.5% (from the asset value, min. 250 €), one-time payment on signing the agreement
Down payment Min. 25% - for new vehicles,
Min. 30% - for second hand vehicles
Guarantees The financed asset serves as a guarantee.
Additional guarantees may be required.
Asset insurance Mandatory CASCO, by insurers approved by ICS "Total Leasing & Finance" SA
Prepayment Fee 1% of the prepaid amount - if the time period between the early repayment and the agreed termination of the lease agreement is more than one year,
0,5% of the prepaid amount - if the time between the early repayment and the agreed date for termination of the lease agreement is less than one year.
Other fees According to ICS "Total Leasing & Finance" SA pricelist posted on the billboard
* these conditions can vary depending on the degree of risk associated with each individual project
** the interest rate is floating and may change depending on the cost of the resources


  • Fast access to financing, constant support and prompt response to any request;
  • The opportunity to make use of a vehicle shortly;
  • The opportunity to choose the insurance options;
  • The repayment schedule aligned to your payment capacity;
  • No monthly management and maintenance fees.