Social Responsibility

Our Core Values


We pride ourselves on being honest, reliable and having integrity in our dealings between ourselves and with our stakeholders


We act in a prudent and ethical manner in all our dealings with our partners

Excellence of service

Our experienced staff is committed to exceed customers’ expectations

Open communication

We communicate openly inside the company and with our partners

Development oriented

We pride ourselves on being a Company striving for staff and clients development and thus improving and developing the community.

The Company’s main objective is to enhance its role at macro level, to ensure the development of the small and medium enterprises so that to emphasize the best risk assessment practices, obtaining adequate profit in order to ensure continuity of the businesses of both parties (Company and Client).

The company provides financial products tailored to the specific needs of your business, professional advice, ensures optimal working conditions for employees, shows respect and reliability for partners, participates in humanitarian projects and through active financing projects with economic and social impact on society (infrastructure, energy efficiency, etc.) ensures protection of the environment.

At macro level, the Company is actively involved in making proposals to modify or implement new legislation, regulations, proceses that reflect the true needs of nonbanking financial institutions and their clients.

At micro level, the Company approaches the projects and the clients in a responsible manner, focusing on small and medium enterprises (especially in the rural areas), analyzing the specific risks for each transaction in a way that the customer is educated to assess the level of risk he/she undertakes. At the same time, the Company analyzes the results for each financed project, the qualitative performance indicators for bith sides, indicators which will ensure the continuity and development of the activity.

The projects must be profitable for both parties (Company and Client), without being focused on on short-term profit maximization, but at the same time oriented to get as well indirect rewards from each project (exchange of experience which will improve the processes, increase the operational efficiency, cost cuts, Implementation of new standards and technologies).