Company Profile

I.C.S. O.C.N. "Total Leasing & Finance" S.A.


I.C.S. O.C.N. "Total Leasing & Finance" S.A. contributes to the increase in quality of the living standards at the level of individual and development of small, medium and large enterprises, thus fostering macro-economic growth of the country.


Through risks mitigation, high degree of responsibility and adequate reward for both parties, the Company’s mission is ensuring access to financial services for small, medium and large enterprises as well as private individuals primary from rural area with the opportunity to accumulate assets and to diversify their incomes base, to learn how to reduce their vulnerability to shocks and to invest in income-generating activities.

“Total Leasing & Finance” at a glance

“Total Leasing” is a joint stock company established on 29 august 2006 as the first leasing company on the market with 100% foreign capital, the institution proving to be a strong partner, respecting the interests and financial needs of a large range of customers: small and medium enterprises, large companies, free lancers and private individuals.

The shareholders (founders) are two major foreign companies::

  • Emerging Europe Leasing and Finance B.V. (Olanda) - 75.38%
  • NederlandseFinancieringsMaatschappijVoorOntwikkelingslanden N.V. (Olanda) - 24.62%.

Initially, the Company provided only financial leasing services. Over time, taking into account the fairness and objectivity of the activity, “Total Leasing & Finance” has managed to inspire credibility among customers due to performance achieved starting with 2008, the company becomes a leader in the leasing field in Moldova, distinguished on financial market as a reliable company with a rich experience conditioned by the incresed number of clients.

The development level achieved, support of the shareholders and international partners as well as the willingness to support efficiently the national economy, allowed ”Total Leasing & Finance” to expand its field of activity, so that starting with September 2010, along with financial leasing the Company has provided for small and mediul enterprises another financing tool – loan, targeting the follwoing fileds of activity: manufacturing, services, agriculture and commerce.

At the same time, there were also established strategic partnerships with equipment suppliers, regional authorities in order to make financing available to customers both urban and rural, where companies have difficulty in developing because of limited access to finance.

I.C.S. O.C.N. "Total Leasing & Finance" S.A. is one of the founding members of the Association of Leasing Companies, an association involved in promoting and improving the product leasing through its actions to support the Moldovan authorities in order to establish and maintain a clear and fair legal framework that meets the interests and needs of all parties involved in the lease transaction.

I.C.S. O.C.N. "Total Leasing & Finance" S.A. aims that bassed on the market knowledge and experiente, to offer you a personalized and tailored financing program for your business.

Therefore, we want to ensure that our offer is affordable and flexible, supported by a prompt response and high efficiency in approaching each project.